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John Wesley | Do All The Good You Can

John Wesley | Do All The Good You Can

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Friend, welcome to your personal retreat from the overwhelming voices of the world. I hand- designed this piece to give you a dose of courage and refreshment in the midst of your busy day. 

Print this piece at your convenience and in your unique style. It’s a perfect gift for that friend needing a little extra encouragement. Or if you prefer it to grace your home, hang it where you can glance up at it all throughout your day. 

It’s an invitation to pause and take a deep breath. As you fill your mind with God’s Truth, you’ll notice all that noise fade to the background. 

Soak in His words and the delicate watercolor strokes. Don’t let shame and stress define you. It’s time to embrace the beauty, peace and freedom God showers on you! 

How will I receive my digital art? 

When you buy this piece, you’ll receive an email with a download link to access jpg files. 

This is a digital file, so nothing will be shipped to your address. 

How can I print it? 

Print your high-resolution design from the convenience of your home, entrust it to an online printing service or take it to your local print shop. 

For best results, I recommend printing according to the following sizes: 

  • 13x18cm / 5x7in 
  • 15x20cm / 6x8in
  • 20x25cm / 8x10in
  • 25x25cm / 8x8 in
  • 22x28cm / 11x14in
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