Shop Watercolor Bible Verses 

Are you weary of the world’s many loud voices? Are you battling lies, shame and defeat? 

You’ve come to the right place. Encouragement and hope are not far off! 

Browse my Scripture art collections to find the Truths you want to remember day in and day out. God’s written you a love letter – don’t let it be crowded out of your life. 

Remember – stress and shame no longer have power over you. Keep them out of your head with God’s powerful Truth in front of you all day long. 

“I’m on a new walk of faith with Jesus, and loving every moment as I learn so much.
I find Tiarne’s work totally inspiring.” – Therveshree

  • Beautify your space with various easy-to-frame sizes, delivered right to your door.

  • Get creative with your Scripture art and print it at your convenience, in your unique style.

  • Don’t labor over the perfect print to give someone – there are so many to choose from! Instead, send a gift card and let them decide which Truths resonate with them most deeply. 

I love seeing Bible and Brush prints gracing your homes and spaces! Tag me in your Instagram photos with @bibleandbrush and use #bibleandbrush. And always let me know how God used my watercolor Bible verses for good in your life.