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“Her artwork is absolutely gorgeous!!! So cute, so romantic, so delicate, so feminine, really perfect!” - Lili 

Some days the whole world seems dark. Really, really dark.  

Pain and heartache hang out on every corner. They’ve broken your heart. Everywhere you look, people battle silent wars of loneliness, depression and emptiness. Devastating issues in the world constantly bombard your soul. Even in the privacy of your own heart, insecurities and shame plague you. 

You hop on social media to give yourself a break, but you’re slapped with judgment and comparison. You turn on a show or movie, hoping to refill your soul, but walk away empty, unsatisfied. All that is beautiful, life-giving and true seems dishearteningly out of reach. 

But what if you could look up at any time and see a splash of hope?
What if you filled your home and mind with calming, heavenly Truth?
What if your eyes could linger on a small oasis of courage before facing the next hurdle? 

I’m Tiarne.

As a wife and mom of three, the ever-changing voices of the world are loud and persuasive. When my heart’s not grounded in God’s Word, I stand exposed and vulnerable to be tossed about by fleeting influences. 

Does this sound familiar? 

Let me tell you what changed everything for me. I discovered the power of anchoring my soul in God’s Word instead of in the world’s swirling impressions. He sets my mind firmly on Truth, safe above the clamor. When the world claws for my attention, my watercolor Bible verses serve as a tender reminder of His beauty.

Dear friend, I founded Bible and Brush so you can also discover contentment and peace amidst chaos. 

Scripture art floods your soul with His goodness, kindness and affection. Let God minister to you, His beloved, and notice the loud, upsetting voices of the world fade. Become a child again, captivated by His beauty everywhere. Don’t stay tied to empty exhaustion – let God’s promises buoy your spirit. 

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“I’ve recommended her beautiful, uplifting art to many of my friends. It really does bring joy and peace. And how wonderful to see people all over the world she’s brought together!” - Claire

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Are Watercolor Bible Verses Right For You? 

I get it. Meditating on God’s Word can take many different forms, so how do you know if Scripture art is the right move for you? 

Do you…

  • Aim to raise your family in dependence on God’s Word? 
  • Experience soul-deep joy from beautiful things? 
  • Dream of filling your home with Light? 
  • Want to get someone an encouraging, inspiring gift? 
  • Need weapons to help fight those lies? 
  • Wish for gentle reminders of God’s promises to you?  
  • Want an extra splash of courage and hope? 

If any of those sound like you, you’re right where you need to be.

“Tiarne’s work is amazing, amazing, amazing!!! She has such a gift and absolutely gorgeous and Scripture-inspired pictures that will encourage the church as well as those that might not know Christ!
Such a gift!” - Brooke 

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Take a peek at my customers’ favorite watercolor Bible verses. Notice the unique, feminine style and refreshing take on well-known Scripture.

“I absolutely love Tiarne’s work. I would 100% recommend this seller. So much admiration! I will definitely be ordering again.” - Emma

I believe God pours beauty and goodness into every corner of our world, and I like my art to reflect that. I base each watercolor painting off an actual photograph or nature scene. Check out my instagram to see my painting process!

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If God touched your life through my watercolor Bible verses, I’d love to hear how He used it for good. Knowing how He’s impacted you fuels my fire! 

All you have to do is fill out this form, hit send, and your message will land in my inbox. I check it regularly, and you can expect a personal response within three business days. And yes, it’s really me, Tiarne, on the other side. I can’t wait to connect with you!

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“God is really working through her. Her work has been so eye opening and encouraging to me. I know God is speaking to me through what she shares.” - Vanessa