Refreshing Watercolor Bible Verses to Encourage Your Heart

As you closed your Bible after devotions this morning, you probably imagined stepping into a glorious, Spirit-filled day. You’d be absolutely unshakable in your identity in the Lord. You’d handle conflict with poise, lovingly pray for the person who cut you off in traffic, and soft-smile at everyone in the grocery store. Grace and love would radiate out of you everywhere you went. 

But exactly two minutes into your heavenly day, those dreams bombed. NOTHING went to plan. The kids didn’t stop screaming… nothing you did was right… everyone and their brother had an opinion about your personal life… there wasn’t enough time to get it all done… you spilled coffee on your favorite shirt… everyone needed something from you… you got disappointing news… you could never do enough. You ended up empty, feeling like a failure. Wiping dried mascara off your cheeks, you couldn’t even remember the joyful, grounded girl from this morning. 


As familiar as this sounds on a daily basis, it doesn’t have to be this way. 

My watercolor Scripture art exists to gently draw your heart to rest in the Prince of Peace. 

To relieve you of that stress and anxiety. 

To catch your eyes all throughout the day and reset your gaze on a loving Father. 

To instantly refresh you with God’s own encouragement and hope. 

As a busy mom of three littles, I, too, need reminders of God’s Truth all day long. But the tacky prints with the same five verses and poor fonts didn’t do the trick. 

My watercolor Bible verses aren’t the typical Scripture art prints you’ll find on the internet. Each one is distinctive, hand-painted and hand-lettered. In fact, each one is a direct result of my personal meditation in God’s Word. 

I pray that genuine, God-reflecting beauty is at the core of every single painting. That’s what sets it apart – gentle, feminine beauty that immediately points you to His compassion on your ugliest days. It makes you pause for a moment, take a deep breath and remember Who you belong to.

AW Tozer says, “All things as they move towards God are beautiful, and they are ugly as they move away from Him.” The Scripture art filling the walls of your home and mind should draw you closer to a living
and breathing Father. So that no matter what life may throw at you,
His peace and promise is only a glance away. 

Bible and Brush began as my personal accountability to be in the Word daily. I often felt overwhelmed and defeated by the loud influences of the world around me. As I wrestled with anxiety, I became acutely aware how badly I needed to fill my soul with His Word. Illustrating and lettering God’s Word helped me slow down and meditate on what I’d read. It bridged the gap between intangible ideas and a visible, clear representation of God’s very own love letter to me. 

As my Instagram following grew, I saw I wasn’t alone in wanting to be fed and nourished by Scripture. I found thousands of women weary of being saturated with conflicting opinions, influencers, overwhelming advice, worldviews, and heavy world news. I love hearing how God’s used my Scripture art to encourage, challenge and inspire women – to fix their gaze on Him as they walk their day-to-day lives. 

As a lifelong artist, my favorite medium has always been watercolor. I love its free nature and versatility. It can be unpredictable and loose, and it has such a gentle and soft feel. I love the vibrant colors and the way they blend and dance on a page. It’s such a ‘forgiving’ medium and the results are always alluring,
even if not how I’d planned or imagined.

I’ve truly found my passion – combining my love for watercolor, graphic design and sharing God’s truth with women all over the world. I’m grateful and humbled that God might use my giftings to grow His Kingdom. 

Friend, leave the stress and shame behind. They don’t belong in your home or your heart. Instead, fill your spaces with beauty and let your mind soak in God’s Truth.

Take a look at my printed watercolor Bible verses, ready to be delivered to your door and hung on your wall. Give yourself or a friend the unforgettable gift of God’s promises in beautiful watercolor form. 

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