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Heart of Jesus: Triumphal Entry of Jesus Art Print

Heart of Jesus: Triumphal Entry of Jesus Art Print

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Friend, welcome to your personal retreat from the overwhelming voices of the world. Let the "Heart of Jesus Prints" series point you to Him, your refuge and strength, reminding you of the boundless love and compassion that reside in His heart. Illuminate your life with these inspired artworks and experience the transformative power of His grace.

Hang it up where you can easily glance at it – in your home, office or another favorite space. It’s an invitation to pause and take a deep breath. As you fill your mind with God’s Truth, you’ll notice all that noise fade to the background. 

Soak in His words and the delicate watercolor strokes.

Choose from these easy-to-frame size options: 

  • 25x25cm / 10x10” - square

  • 35x35cm / 14x14” - square 

  • 50x50cm / 20x20” - square

This piece is printed on heavyweight (200gsm) premium matte paper with a natural, smooth uncoated finish. 

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